Built on the famous Hunter blank we have developed together with our test anglers and prostaff a very light Softlure rod for slow streaming / still waters!

The Zander Force has a very fast and for the throwing weight extremely stiff blank.
With the high modulus carbon that is used in these Blanks is it for every angler that starts zander fishing a perfect rod.
he sensitivity is outstanding and with the power in the body it’s for every angler easy to set the hook.

The equipment of the rod is sensational for the price:

SNVC technology: The blank has less resin and more high modulus carbon which makes the rod lighter and more resistant.

NET-V II weaving technique: The construction with Japanese carbon creates a very light and fast blank.

Fuji K-Series Lowrider Rings, with patented “TANGLE FREE” feature completes this rod.

ZF-832H 2,51 2 130 118  6 – 26  8 – 16
ZF-832HH 2,51 2 130 121  7 – 32  8 – 18